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Sexy Bingo – ‘The Duckpond’ 2019

In November 2019, Always With A Smile teamed up once again with the boys from 'The Duckpond' for a 'Sexy Bingo' night, raising money for the Warrington Disability Partnership.

‘Sexy Bingo’ (for the uninitiated) is the same as traditional bingo… except, when someone achieves a line or a full house they have the option of choosing a prize (meh!) or they can ask the bingo caller to remove an item of clothing!  And Joel (as the Bingo caller) has been hosting Sexy Bingo nights for many a year, as a way of raising money for different charities. 

A few years ago however, Joel happened to bump into a group of mates (apparently in the midst of a midlife crisis!) who had decided to spend some of their free time and energy raising money and awareness for different charities and good causes, and inspiring people to follow suit… and we’ve been helping one another out ever since!

For the past 3 or 4 years, both AWAS and the Duckpond have teamed up to host a Christmas-themed Sexy Bingo night, and in 2019 the charity in question was the Warrington Disability Partnership.

With a room filled with women (and the odd male!) the evening raised more than £750 in just a couple of hours and, almost as important, everyone had a cracking time with plenty of drinks and lots of laughter!

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